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Ready to start a business but have no idea where to begin with branding?

Learn how to build a brand that stands out, makes an impact, and gets people buying even if you have zero business or design experience

"Hey Lyss, I'm lost. What is branding? The gurus are telling me it doesn't matter and marketing is where the money is at..."

Dear World-Changer,

Every time I hear that above statement I cringe because the truth is: people buy based on what they see, feel, hear, and experience. 

Branding influences the decisions we make.

If you’re anything like me, you like to put your money where your heart is.

You shop small business. 

You like brands that give back.

You applaud & buy when brands speak up for values you believe in.

You believe in people over profit.

And the reason you do that is because you’re purpose-driven. You know you were meant for more. 

But for many of you, the reality is:

You hate what you’re doing right now…

You’ve got a dream for a mission-driven business, but feel stuck cause you’re not sure where to begin…

For some of you, it’s not in the budget to hire a designer, and you know nothing about design so you believe it’s better to wait than get started…

And as you scroll through social media and see the chaos, you begin to ask yourself, “Is now really the time for me to pursue this dream? Where do I even begin? How can I make a difference? How do I stand out in a world that is screaming for attention?”

I’m here to say: You can build a brand on your own that influences, impacts, and creates an income without business or design experience.

How do I know this?

Because that was me years ago.

I was aimlessly going from one job to another doing whatever I could to pay the bills even if it meant devaluing what I do, overworking myself, dealing with bad clients, and risking my mental sanity. 

But after years of trial and error, and learning how to do things myself, I cracked the code on what better brands were doing that made all the difference. I applied those principles in my own life and it changed everything.

Now I help small & large businesses, non-profits, and agencies grow through rebranding using these exact principles I’ve found and the results have been amazing! 

If I can figure it out SO CAN YOU. 

That’s why I’ve designed this challenge. I’ll hold your hand through the branding process so you can feel free to create a brand that not only makes an impact but also sells! 

Whether you’re months into your business and making some money, 

or you’re just starting out,

I’ll give you the tools, secrets, and resources I use to help brands level up.

I’m SOOOOOO excited to be sharing this knowledge with you and I hope you accept the challenge!

I cannot wait to see the brand you create!

Here is how the challenge works:

You'll be Added Into a Private FB Group

Once you enroll, you’ll be added into a Facebook Group with everybody else who is ready to rock their brand. For 10 Days we’re going to learn, engage, and do some homework that will help you along the way!

There will be 10 One-Hour LIVE Sessions

Every weekday we will go live for 1 hour on Zoom, streaming to Facebook, and I”ll walk you through the EXACT process I do when helping entreprenuers get started with branding.

Get My Trello Template, Brand Script, Worksheets and More!

I’ve created some sweet digital assets to help you get started & stay organized in the process! I’ll drop these in the Facebook Group Units day by day to help you level up.

Surprise Special Guests: Industry Experts

I’ve got connections to some of the coolest action-takers in the WORLD who are just as passionate as I am about entrepreneurship. I’ve got 2 amazing special guests that are going to talk about Brand Copywriting AND How to Market Your Brand !

You'll get a Chance to WIN Prizes & Raffles

I’m going to be giving away some prizes to those who engage the most, do all their homework, and for my favorite brand built by YOU in the end! I’ll also be raffling off some sweet prizes that will help your design game moving forward! Prizes include Amazon Gift Cards, 1 Year of Canva Pro, and more!

I could charge over $1000 for all of this but

All You Pay Is $10!

Are you ready to ACCEPT and do this 10 Day challenge?

Learn from a Professional with 10+ Years of Industry Experience

Alyssa "Lyss" Aviles

- Brand Expert, Graphic & Web Designer

Lyss is a Branding Expert & WordPress Website Designer in St. Petersburg, Florida. Over the past decade she has gone from photographing non-profits around the world, to helping small businesses and agencies tell better stories through visual design.

Her work has been seen with Habitat for Humanity Orlando, Hart & Huntington Tattoo, Valencia College, and mostly recently with Pedro Adao & the 100X Academy.

Her heart is to empower and encourage others to reclaim their creativity, discover their purpose, and break free from the things holding them back from answering their calling.

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Still Not Sure? Here are some F.A.Q.s

This challenge is going to be VERY basic, meaning if you have ZERO design experience, ZERO branding knowledge, and you don’t already have an established business, you’ll get the most value out of this. This is for the DIY type of entrepreneur. 

If you already have a business, this challenge will be great for you as well especially if you’re considering a rebrand soon.

Sure! The best place to view my design work is on Dribbble and you can view some of the sites I’ve worked on with my current site. 

Yes. This challenge will be great for you! This is going to be a crash course into understanding color, typography, layout and other design things that influence the decisions you make. I will be teaching CANVA in this challenge which is a free design software. 

If you get cold-feet before Day 2, I’ll be happy to give you a 100% refund on your challenge ticket & creative consult (if you add that to cart). However, due to the nature of this challenge being live & digital, I do not offer refunds after Day 2. 



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